3D computer design

Our standard garden folly kits are not always suitable to all customers and in the past we have designed 3D garden follies to the customer’s needs. This is a valuable service to give the customer the opportunity to visualise their ideas before ordering.

We have listed a few examples of our 3D design work of garden follies below, we have also included the design for internal arches of a customer’s barn conversion.

        Send us a sketch of your garden folly design, with basic dimensions and we will create the 3D model for you.  

        These two garden folly designs are using our new Priory windows which we have adapted for the folly market.

                                    We don't just create garden follies. Here we have designed a garden building.
                                                Fantastic Gothic design and a useful space to have

                     Below shows a barn conversion project using a new Gothic arch design that will be visible 
                                  through floor to roof line glass panels and creating a walkway for the first floor.

                                                                         Inside view

                                                                          Outside view

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