Chapter House Design
The foundations of Chapter House Design were firmly set in 1994, when Paul Stalker began Macabre Originals based at Granary Wharf craft center in Leeds. There he rapidly grew a reputation for designing Gothic inspired items, from small church style mirrors to the Gothic fire surround that is still on sale today, and following his success, he also opened a branch at Camden Market in London and became a frequent seller at Whitby Goth weekend. This was a time when hand made items and crafts flourished and it was still possible to find appropriate venues aimed to offer the public original and unique products. Sadly in early 2000 this was no longer the case and both the Leeds and London venues were affected by the owners' change of vision and priorities. 
Although a suitable venue to sell his products was no longer available, Paul still continued to design and manufacture items for lighting companies, television, restaurants, P.R companies themed pubs, and many other retail outlets.
With the rise of the internet selling platforms, Paul was once again able to offer his Gothic products online and was asked on more than one occasion if he could make one of the mirror designs into  a folly window that could be built into the wall of a garden. Due to that frequently asked questions, in 2010 he decided to make the first garden folly piece. This was the Chapel window that is still successfully sold today. C.H.D have now supplied garden follies and full size church windows to many different countries. We are now close to having all of the products required to build a full Gothic styled house.