Gothic folly arches

The key stone of the garden folly is the Gothic arch. We design Gothic arches for both the home and garden projects. Inspired be original Gothic architecture and always have something new in the design stage. Our garden folly range is always growing and we are working on a new Gothic arch that may be linked to other arches.

Our new antique colour is now applied as standard.
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  • Garden Folly Gothic arch Abbey doorway (Free delivery)
    The inspiration for this Gothic arch was the main entrance of one of our many local Gothic churches. In Leeds you don’t have to go far to see fantastic Gothic design. This type of design has never been done for the folly market before and we pride ourselves on originality.
    Our Price £810.00
  • College Gothic arch doorway (Free delivery)
    We have been asked on many occasions to make an arch that will allow for the use of doors and after searching through our extensive library of Gothic features this design proved to be the best. The new arch includes the Gothic hood that runs around the top sections of the arch and is supported by Gothic head support stones. All of the arch sections have been given a rebate to allow for the use of a door case or a simple hinged door. Each of the upright section has been made to a height of nine inches to allow for a building material to be 9 inch blocks or three rows of brick no higher than two and three quarter inches. 
    Our Price £954.00
  • Garden folly half arch
    Free UK mainland on delivery for orders over £400.00
    Our Price £384.00
  • Gothic Arch Manor Doorway (Free delivery)
    The largest arch we have made so far was a bit of a challenge but the results are very satisfying. The arch height may be made to suit the needs of the building or folly by adding or removing the upright blocks. This arch is designed for a two course wall and has an inside rebate for the use of doors.
    Our Price £1,380.00
  • Gothic Manor arch 1.6m (Free delivery)
    This Manor arch from a 2m width to 1.6m width. This was achieved by reducing the length of the key stone. We also made the step shown in the picture.
    Our Price £1,260.00
  • Temple Doric column and pedestal (Free delivery)
    This Doric column was created as a key component for our garden temple. The pedestal was used on the same grounds, but a different project.
    Our Price £450.00
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