Round Gothic window 60 cm

Round Gothic window 60 cm
Round Gothic window 60 cm
Round Gothic window 60 cm
Round Gothic window 60 cm
Round Gothic window 60 cm

Product description

House / building round window 60cm x 10cm
The Ghost arch window
This spectacular piece was made on a commission basis for a customer in California. He sent us a picture of a Gothic church window in Germany that we were able to reproduce and could then make three of these windows for his house. We are extremely proud to now offer this stunning and exclusive piece for houses or follies.
It took many hours of painstakingly accurate and meticulous work to construct the two sides of the window and to achieve that the shape of each arched section would finally take the shape of a floating ghost, hence this window's unusual name. But we truly believe that all the hard work was definitively worth it.
We don’t yet have the installed picture but will list one when we have them.
The piece is double sided with an inside, (smooth outer rim) and an outside (showing the build lines of the original window).
This is the glazed version of the window. The folly window is listed separately.
We construct the window using two moulds and assemble using mortar. The build lines of the outer frame are also filled using mortar.
We install 8.5mm laminated glass between the two frames. The frames are then joined together using foam. Completed, the insulation value of this piece is very good.
This item is water proof /  frost proof and long lasting. The finish is weathered with a slight colour in the recessed areas of the detail.
Pallet postage is included with this item.

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